Friday, 20 March 2020

Local businesses delivering to Aller

We'll try to keep this page up to date but the following businesses are reported as offering deliveries to Aller. (Updated 1 April)

The Old Pound InnLea at the Old Pound will be keeping the shop open during the November
lockdown and takeaways are available. Menu and shop times are on the Pub website and a link to the shop list is here but check with Lea for availability via the pub's Facebook page or phone 250469.

Barnett's Dairy - Your local milkman delivering milk and dairy products.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Coronavirus Information and advice

Information and advice is changing as more becomes known and the strategy for dealing with Coronavirus develops. The Latest information about how to protect yourself and your family along with advice for specific groups can be found via the following links NHS  UK  Government Coronavirus response   Public Health England

Links to guidance for extremely vulnerable people. Who is extremely vulnerable and what should they do? Extra help for extremely vulnerable people.

Coronavirus an easy read guide - Public Health England

Social distancing guidance - Public Health England Updated 11 May

Staying safe outside your home

Regularly updated Coronavirus advice made easy by Dr Dawn Harper, a Gloucestershire Dr. who you may know from TV and media, based on her interpretation of Government advice.

Information about schools and provision for children. Includes information about free school meals, childcare, provision for vulnerable children and the children of care workers.

Stay at home advice for households with a possible Coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus - How to help safely.  Essential reading for anyone who wants to offer help to others.

Most of the documents linked to above are regularly updated at source but we will add new links as and when advice is received from government, NHS or other trusted sources. Last update 26/3/20

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Aller PC - Meetings suspended due to Coronavirus

In line with the advice of Public Health England, Aller Parish Council is suspending all non essential meetings from Tuesday 17 March until further notice.  

We are awaiting government action and advice but it is expected that arrangements will be made to postpone the requirement to hold the Annual Meeting in May, in the same way that the requirement for audit has been delayed until September. 

Every effort will be made to conduct the business of the council by telephone, email and other electronic means. We will be as open as possible and seek ways to allow comment on issues of concern.

The situation and the government response to the virus is evolving further information will be available as we have it on the Aller Parish Council Facebook page and