Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Volunteer Winter Warden scheme

  • Somerset County Highways are working with parishes to establish a network of Winter Wardens. The volunteer wardens will work as a link between Highways and Parishes to help keep roads and footpath open and safe during the winter. 

  • Each parish will agree an appropriate local plan but the warden's role could include;
  • Ordering salt supplies for grit bins;
  • Keeping a register of local trained volunteers;
  • Receiving and responding locally to weather alerts;
  • Organising and deploying volunteers to clear snow;
  • Organising and deploying volunteers to spread salt when prolonged icy
    conditions are forecast; or
  • Encourage responsible use of salt and help to minimise the abuse of salt within
Full training and equipment with be provided to volunteers.

If you could be Aller's Winter Warden, please contact Parish Councillor Elaine Major, contact details here.

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