Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Roadworks day 2

From today there is a 24 hour closure at the Langport end of the village it will not be possible to squeeze through the gap as some people did yesterday. 

There was an incident last night when a Fire appliance was delayed at the closure due to a communications issue between Somerset County Highways and the Emergency Services. The Fire Brigade routinely attend from both sides of the village and will amend their response for the duration of the works.

The issues of access, communication and the lack of a means to resolve issues as they arise have been raised with Somerset County Council and will be taken up by our County Councillor, Clare Arparcio-Paul.

Please be aware that the team doing the work are contractors and they are not responsible for decisions about closures, signs and the like. There have been several reports of them being helpful to residents with access issues and doing their best to help. Please treat the workers on site with respect.

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