Friday, 26 September 2014

A372 closure - Bus services

Bus services will be affected by the closure of the A372 at Seven Bends next week, potentially for up to 10 weeks. Timetables are still being finalised, but here is a comment from County Hall and the operators.

We have agreed that service 16 will only operate as far as Othery. Then we will put on a service run by Isle Valley Transport that will run from Aller to Langport. This will enable residents of Aller to get to Langport and be able to access the wider bus network. 
College Students from Aller, Langport and Curry Rivel will have a bus put on for them operated by Hatch Green Coaches. The usual 624 will not be serving these villages, it will be turning off at Ilminster and going straight to Bridgwater College. 
 The new timetables are still being tweaked to make sure they are right they will be sent to Bridgwater College, Parish Clerks and all student who have County Tickets.

Any updates will be posted on the village websites and publicised as well as we are able. Watch for more news.