Friday, 21 March 2014

Latest on Flood works

The flow through Monksleaze Clyce is being reduced and is operating within ‘normal’ parameters, reducing flows through the Sowy and King Sedgemoor Drain system. 
Due to improving conditions and the reduced flow through the Sowy, the large temporary pumps at Beer Wall (A372) near Aller are no longer needed and have now been removed. The A372 will remain closed after the pumps are removed so that SCC Highways can undertake an assessment of the flood damage and carry out emergency repair works to ensure the road is safe for users.

Rivers Parrett and Tone Dredging Project
EA remain on target to start dredging by the end of March 2014, provided water levels continue to drop, and the banks and adjacent land are dry enough for contractors’ machinery to work safely. The dredging work will start on a stretch of the River Parrett at Moorland House Farm. Plant will arrive on site from next Wednesday, 26 March. 

Latest news (20/3) from the EA is here

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