Thursday, 30 January 2014

Flood situation 29 Jan.

Weather forecast
The rainfall totals for Wednesday are up to 5mm as light rain. Thursday is set to be a mainly dry day, with totals of up to 2mm.
Friday will see high winds combined with low pressure and high rainfall totals. Totals at present are forecast to be between 10-15mm for Friday afternoon and into Saturday. Winds will be Force 5/6 in a southerly direction. Combined with low pressure, this is likely to cause some coastal issues at high tide on Friday.
The wind is forecast to change direction to more of a westerly direction on Saturday, which will have a bigger impact at high tides, with the wind due to stay up at around the Force 6 strength.
Flooding situation
There are still five flood warnings in place across the area; all of which are on the Somerset Levels and Moors.
The levels on the upper reaches of the Somerset Levels and Moors (upstream of Langport) are dropping following the rainfall yesterday. Rivers will remain sensitive and respond quickly to any further rain. Levels on the lower reaches of the catchment are stable but remain high. 
Read the full report here.

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