Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Grass cutters required for Recreation Ground

POSITION VACANT – We require the services of a reliable grass cutter/s. At this time of year, that means cutting once a week and thereafter, from about mid June, at least once a fortnight until October, weather and growing conditions dependent.
There are two options before the committee.

1. Pay someone to use the rec machine on a ‘pay per cut’ basis. You must be 16 or over and reasonably technically proficient, to be able to operate a machine safely. Training will be given to applicants. Each cut takes approximately 4 hours. This could be more than one person with shared duties but it would be up to you to ensure the grass is cut in a timely fashion, fitting around the weather. If left too long, it becomes very much harder to cut and it damages the machinery. This would be paid by monthly cheque. Please apply in writing in the first instance with your contact details.

2. Offer an annual contract to cut the grass with your own machinery. Applicants must show some experience and provide references. This will be paid by monthly direct debit. You should submit a written quotation to the Playing Field Committee detailing your equipment/ experience and a quote for one year's worth of cutting from June 15th 2011 to June 15th 2012.

Applicants for either of the above should write to: Rupert Little, The Manor, Aller, Langport, TA10 0RA or e-mail info@dlltd.co.uk with their proposals.

Rupert Little

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