Parish Council news, notices, information and current initiatives can be accessed through these pages which carry information on the Recreation Ground, Neighbourhood Watch, Community Speed Watch, Lengthsman, Minutes of Meetings, Meeting Agendas; Parish Council Notices, Parish Plan, the 2012 Diamond Jubilee and other Parish Council sponsored initiatives.

Dates of Meetings, Contact Details, and Planning Information can be found below.

Dates of Meetings
Aller Parish Council meetings take place in the village hall on the second Monday of every other month, (extraordinary meetings may be convened to address urgent issues). The next scheduled meeting is Monday 3rd November 2014. The agenda for the next meeting will be made available through this page. Minutes from the  previous meetings can also be found on this page. Members of the public are invited to attend.

Dates of the meetings for 2015 are:
12th January; 9th March; 18th May (including APM)

Agenda for future meetings and minutes of previous meetings can be found here

Contact Us
If you wish to get in touch with the Parish Council, contact details are as follows:

Aller Parish Council Clerk:
Miss Emma Meecham
20 Berkeley Court
Hermes Place
BA22 8JU
Telephone: 01935 840606

Aller Parish Councillors:
David Mayor (Planning) Tel: 253623 
Ralph Bates (Flood prevention and emergency planning) Tel: 253977
Mary Lockyer (Cemetery) Tel: 250166 
Gerald Matravers (Allotments) Tel: 250409 
Elaine Foster (Recreation Area / Communications/Aller Parish Website/Social Media Sites)
Tel: 253299 
Elaine Major (Highways)  Tel: 252295
Stan Bishop (Village Hall) Tel: 253490

District Councillor: Cllr Shane Pledger

County Councillor:  Cllr Derek Yeomans

District and County Councillor Details 

Planning Applications

Information on SSDC Planning Permission & Building Control can be found here
The Government guide on planning permission is on the Planning Portal website.
Status of local Planning Applications can be found here

If you would like to see other Aller Parish Council details on this page, please contact Ivor Dixon (webmaster) on 250603 or email