Aller's Lengthsman - Craig Howe

Highway maintenance by Parish Lengthsmen is not a new concept. Many years ago men were given lengths of highway to maintain and were expected to do everything necessary to keep their sections of road up to scratch. Such men became known as lengthsmen and they took great pride in their area

Unfortunately mechanisation and reducing budgets proved the downfall of the labour intensive lengthsmen. Recently, however, it was recognised that an opportunity existed to provide an improved level of service to Turn Hill parishes via the Lengthsman Scheme. The scheme represents value for money for the parishes, with savings being made through the lengthsman doing work that the parishes would otherwise have to pay outside contractors to do.

The Lengthsman for the parishes of Aller, High Ham, Long Load, Long Sutton and Pitney is Craig Howe. His work is financed by the parishes and supported by South Somerset District Council. Mr Howe carries out a range of tasks including footpath maintenance, clearing pavements, painting signs and cutting grass.

Two days a month of his time are allocated to Aller, with his schedule of work being planned and assigned by the parish council.  

You may have seen the results of some of his hard work but not realised that Craig was responsible. A recent example is the reinstatement of the path through the Churchyard to Aller Parish Cemetery completed in early 2017.

We welcome suggestions for jobs that need doing in the village, we already have a list that keeps growing but if there is something you think should be added, please contact David Mayor, Parish Council Chairman