The Cemetery, at St Andrews Church, Aller is administered by Aller Parish Council. Your Aller Parish Council representative or Burial Clerk is Mrs Mary Lockyer who can be contacted on 01458 250166 or email lockyer1@btconnect.com

Records of Burials and grave plots are securely kept by Mrs Lockyer and she is also responsible for payment of fees and banking those fees in the bank account of Aller Parish Council. 

Please find below information and guidance regarding the cemetery. Questions regarding any of the information below should be directed in the first instance to Mrs Lockyer.

Guidance Notes for bereaved families

1.       Normally, the undertaker dealing with the burial will initially contact the Parish Council representative to arrange the situation of burial plot and fees associated therewith.

2.       The Aller Parish Council representative will inform the undertaker of the burial plot number and position and the associated costs.  All payments to be made to Aller Parish Council.

3.       The Aller Parish Council representative will mark the grave position for the grave digger. The fees of the grave digger are the responsibility of the undertaker.

4.       Burial of cremated remains must also be arranged through an undertaker and also with prior permission of Aller Parish Council.

5.       Removal from the cemetery of any surplus soil, after a burial, shall be the responsibility of the undertaker.

Additional information re graves

1.       Burials are normally to be confined to those who were resident in the parish at the time of death or had close connections with the parish i.e. those who have previously lived or worked in the parish.         

2.       The selection of any grave space in the cemetery is in all cases subject to consent and approval of Aller Parish Council and consistent with the Parish Council’s scheme for systematic interment in the cemetery.

3.       When a grave plot has been allocated for a burial, additional plots may be reserved so that named relatives can be buried next to or close by the deceased.  Plots may be reserved for the burial of a son or daughter next to a parent even if the son or daughter has not lived in the parish.

4.       If in doubt regarding any of the above, please speak to the Parish Council representative.

Notes for guidance re memorials/headstones/tablets

1.       Aller Parish Council allows the erection of memorials for graves and tablets for cremated remains within its cemetery.  However, the selection of any memorial is in all cases subject to the consent and approval of Aller Parish Council and in all cases must not exceed 2’3” 69cms)h x 21”(54cms)w. This should stand on a plinth measuring 24”(61cms) w x 12”(31cms) depth.  The plinth to be on a ground anchor of no larger than 36”(92cms) w x 18”(46cms) depth.  (Please see example)

 A vase for flowers may be added.  PLEASE ENSURE YOUR MONUMENTAL MASON FIXES A GROUND ANCHOR FOR ANY HEADSTONE ERECTED. Memorials for ashes shall be commensurate with the reduced size of the plot.  Fees for erecting memorials shall be payable to Aller Parish Council before any memorial is erected.

2.       Kerbstones or other markings around the edge of a burial plot are not permitted due to cemetery maintenance problems, in particular mowing of grass.

3.       The planting of trees, shrubs and perennial plants on a grave is not permitted.  The planting of annuals is generally not permitted apart from the period immediately after the burial or interment.  Spring bulbs are generally permitted – subject to acceptance that once grass mowing starts, the flowers may be cut down.  Planting that exists prior to these regulations will only remain at the discretion of Aller Parish Council.

4.       The GRANT OF EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS must be purchased before any memorial can be erected.  Normally this is purchased at the time of death on initial application to the Parish Council representative.  The Certificate is issued by the Parish Council representative. This right lasts for 99 years.

5.       Headstones etc. are the responsibility of the family and Aller Parish Council accepts no liability for any damage which may occur.

6.       Ongoing maintenance of the grave, following burial, is the responsibility of the family.   If there is evidence that the grave is neglected, Aller Parish Council reserves the right to take the appropriate action and recover all costs incurred from the family.

General Regulations

1.       No vehicles shall be allowed into the cemetery except for cemetery maintenance personnel, the grave digger and motorised or electric wheelchairs.

2.       No bicycles or skate-boards shall be allowed into the cemetery.

3.       Dogs are only allowed into the cemetery on a lead.


Fees are reviewed annually by Aller Parish Council and are in line with the Table of Parochial Fees dictated by The Church of England 1st January 2008.

Current fees for burials:
Residents of the Parish of Aller – Double depth grave dug even if single        £90.00
Non residents                                                                                   £180.00
Additional burial in existing grave for residents                                        £45.00
Non residents                                                                                     £90.00

Current fees for ashes:
Residents of the Parish of Aller                                                              £45.00
Non-residents                                                                                     £90.00
Additional cremated remains in existing grave                                          £25.00
Non-residents                                                                                     £50.00

For persons not resident in the Parish of Aller at the time of death but entitled to burial in the Parish, double the resident’s fees as detailed below.

Memorial Fees:
NB:  Please see guidance notes under graves re size etc.
Headstones for residents                                                                      £50.00
Non-residents                                                                                    £100.00
Additional inscription to existing memorial stone for residents                     £25.00
Additional inscription to existing memorial stone for non-residents               £50.00

Memorial tablet for ashes – residents                                                     £30.00
Non-residents                                                                                      £60.00
Additional inscription to existing memorial tablet for ashes – residents          £15.00
Additional inscription to existing memorial tablet for ashes – non-residents    £30.00

NON-RESIDENTS                                                      £80.00

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