Wednesday, 17 September 2014

EA asset repair update 17-9

The latest information from the Environment Agency contains detail of the road closures and repair work taking place (or about to take place) on their various assets in our area. Please read the full report here if you are likely to be affected. Below is a brief summary for your information. No details yet of the A372 closure at Bere Wall, due to start on 29th Sept. or proposed alternative routes.

Aller Drove – works to reduce flood risk
The first part of this work will now begin the week commencing Monday 29 September and will include raising the existing road and constructing a new kerb on the north side of Aller Drove.
Construction plant will be operating on Aller Drove which will be closed from 07:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday for approximately four weeks. The road will be open during the evenings and on a Sunday to reduce disruption. If we are able to complete work earlier than 19:00 some days, we will post an update on the Wessex Facebook page and on Twitter to let people know access is clear.

Allermoor Spillway - update
Some repair work on Allermoor Spillway is already completed. The installation of the concrete beams along the top of the spillway and a large section of the fibre reinforcement mat has been repaired, including a 35m2 area at the downstream end. We have removed all the stones deposited at the base of the spillway and stockpiled these for future use. Work to repair the bank slippage will start this week.

Work on the embankment at Cocklemoor starts this week and will affect Bow Street and the Cocklemoor car park.