Sunday, 27 October 2013

Storm Update from Somerset County Council

As the expected storm has approached it has not diminished in strength so tonight we are opening Glastonbury Depot as a control centre with Minehead depot being opened as a second base, highest winds expected on the high ground (80 to 90mph gusts being talked about).
We have increased the number of gangs who will be working from 10pm tonight, ten gangs, (on call from 4.30pm) this will give two gangs in each DC area.
Last night a tree came down on the A30 at West Coker and the road was closed while it was cleared. There were some other small trees in South but these have all been dealt with.
This afternoon gangs were in depots preparing signs in most cases the most that can be done is sign "road closed" as at night in high winds and heavy rain it will not be safe to do much else. We have our tree contractors on standby and expect them to be busy where they are able to work and clear any trees or limbs which have fallen.
Please listen to BBC Somerset sound for updates Monday morning.
Key Messages:

  • Do not drive overnight if you do not have to.
  • Beware of high sided vehicles
  • Beware of things blowing around in the road, bins etc.
  • Do not ride motor cycles or pushbikes
  • Please drive carefully
  • Please check on any vulnerable neighbours
We have over 6600km of highway and will not be aware of all incidents, please report anything to Somerset Direct on 08453459155 and we will prioritise and deal with as soon as we can.

Somerset County Council

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